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Little Italy Tours, born in 2006, is created by a group of persons with a strong motivation, who have believed in a new project which could combine their passion to their profession.

The company is owned by Mr Cristian Amuro, whom thanks at a family backround which brought him to live and study part of his life in England, to travel since he was very young and to then end his studies in Italy, where he lives and works in the tourist market since 15 years. He has always lived his profession with great passion and enthusiasm, enough to involve other operators in creating this company. The experience of life and of work matured, permitted him to comprehend the mentality and various necessities of the different types of market present today in the tourist world. We are present in the whole national territory (Lake Garda, Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento) and we use courtesy and professionalism as our business card, paying the maximum attention to every single detail.

Our philosophy is the personal touch.

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